Youth Competition for Intangible Cultural Heritage Begins

Youth Competition for Intangible Cultural Heritage Begins

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Sofia – UNESCO Regional Center announces an international youth competition “Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Next Generation”. The prize is a 3-day visit to Paris. The jury will determine three winners who will be able to see the UNESCO Headquarters and other cultural sites in the French capital.

“The competition is aimed at people aged 18 to 35, citizens of the member countries of the Regional Center. The competition will last until September 15, 2021,” said Chayana Istatkova, an expert from the UNESCO Regional Center in Bulgaria.

“The competition aims to provoke the interest and empathy of young people in the preservation and transmission of intangible cultural heritage. In the competition we are looking for attractive stories, we are looking for the language of the young people, their reading, we are looking for the new, the fresh, the modern “said Istatkova.

The competition is part of the initiatives on the occasion of 75 years since the establishment of UNESCO and 65 years since Bulgaria’s accession to the organization. The co-organizers of the competition are the National Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria for UNESCO and the French Institute in Bulgaria.

Participants can present crafts, dance, music and performing arts, cooking, rituals and ceremonies or other variations of the intangible cultural heritage of their region.

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