Weekend of Bulgarian Cinema in Europe

Weekend of Bulgarian Cinema in Europe

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From June 4 to 6, thanks to the GledamBG platform, everyone in Europe can enjoy three Bulgarian films for free.


GledamBG – the largest platform for legal viewing of Bulgarian films, travels around the world. In May, Bulgarians in Africa, South and North America already enjoyed their weekend with Bulgarian cinema. It is now time for Europe from June 4 to 6, Australia – June 11 to 13 and Asia – June 18 to 20.

The tour “BG cinema on 7 continents” is carried out by GledamBG, together with the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad and is possible because the platform is now available worldwide.

In recent months, the films A Dose of Happiness (2019), Voevoda (2017), Steps in the Sand (2010) were available for Bulgarians in Austria for a period of 24 hours. Everyone could enjoy the films completely free of charge, as well as the interviews with the actors Alexander Alexiev, Zornitsa Sofia and Ivan Burnev.


Three new movies

Now we have the opportunity to watch three wonderful Bulgarian films – Corpse Collector, the documentary series Palace for the People and Everything’s Love ин the period between 4 and 6 June.

The link for access to the films is: https://gledam.bg/programs/7continents. It is valid only for the period 4-6 June!

Discussion with the team of the film Corpse Collector

On June 6, from 6 pm, cinema fans can also take part in a discussion with the authors of the films. This is exciting both for the Bulgarians who are far from our country and for the authors who can hear their opinion and understand what excites them.

The discussion about Europe is with the team of the film “Corpse Collector” (2015) with director Dimitar Dimitrov and cast Stoyan Radev, Teodora Duhovnikova, Lydia Indjova, Mihail Bilalov, Stefan Shterev.

Link to access the meeting: https://gledam.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=aa909dff9404d41686b1ca56d&id=cca7a527fc&e=f7c967de74

Most films have English subtitles, which provides an opportunity for our compatriots to gather friends and introduce them to Bulgarian art. The platform aims to “become a repository of Bulgarian film and theater art, where everyone can watch something they love legally,” says Alexander Alexiev, actor and co-founder of GledamBG. The platform is supplemented with new titles every Monday and Friday.

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