Visible and invisible —  Exhibition of Paintings by Diana Dezir

Visible and invisible — Exhibition of Paintings by Diana Dezir

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May 19 – June 8, 2021, LIK Gallery – Sofia


Visible and invisible, in a world of dualism it is clear that this will be the case for a long time. Given that we know only 5% of the universe, imagine what we actually know and understand about the world around us. Diana tries to portray both worlds, despite our great ignorance, but isn’t that really the way to go?

It is obvious that with technology it is not possible to feel, to feel the invisible, so the only possibility remains to discover these subtle energies only through spiritual perceptions.

 “The level of evolution through the human brain is complete. Further progress does not depend on the brain, but on the heart.”

Nikolai Roerich

There is a lot of color, a lot of light, a lot of energy, a lot of poetry in Diana Dezir’s paintings. Dezir is a desire, a great desire for beauty – sometimes natural, sometimes abstract, rarely monochrome, but always with the bright presence of the artist’s attitude. The pictures are so strong that they cannot leave the viewer indifferent. They either like each other a lot or deny a lot, but they do not leave you indifferent to what you see. The rich color and sometimes incompatible colors, load the mind with a strong provocative energy and at one point a person feels dragged by a whirlpool of feelings and emotions. Pictures like a rainbow – there is everything in them, but there is always something left for later, when you go under the rainbow and you are on the other side. The emotion!

Creatures without rules cover everything: Infinity, feelings, emotions, moods, insights, vibrations, and the shape or color only completes the picture. The richness and power of colors is huge, the imagination knows no bounds. Memorable works, created as if in one breath and with one swipe!

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