Velvet Morning —  Exhibition of Paintings and Graphics by Dimitar Karatonev

Velvet Morning — Exhibition of Paintings and Graphics by Dimitar Karatonev

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May 10-28, 2021

Another solo exhibition of already a well-established graphic artist and painter Dimitar Karatonev opened on May 10 at the Paris Gallery. The title Velvet Morning summarizes quite well the feeling of tenderness, softness and ethereality that remain in the works of the viewer in this exhibition.

About thirty works will be presented, one of them are elegant graphics in small and medium format, and the other part are oil paintings. Dimitar Karatonev has again developed his favorite theme with landscapes, but unlike his previous exhibition Blue Moon, here the colors are very bright, sunny, contrasting, which seem to scream that life needs to be saturated with intensity again, strength and power. However, there is something very interesting in the graphics – those that are colorful, express a strong drama and tension, even to some extent some pain, as if something explodes, while in more monochrome graphics there is a feeling of loneliness, tranquility and strange lightness. Karatonev’s painting and graphics are in exceptional harmony, despite the differences in technique, they stand together calmly and even complement each other.

Big suns, stars, clouds, moons, poplars, boats and small houses, all this is part of the author’s figurative language, stand as his emblems and recognizable signs of the alphabet, which he created in his own style. The artist’s favorite phrases are “vain clouds”, “vain moons” or “vain birds” and he often uses them for the titles of his paintings. This is a very interesting reversal of the point of view – the moons, clouds and birds that we love to observe and contemplate so much, in fact, may know it and love to appear to us as beautiful, mysterious and captivating as possible. 

Dimitar Karatonev was born in 1978. In 1996 he graduated from the Art High School in Haskovo. In 2005 – Master’s degree in “Graphics” from VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”

The artist has numerous participations in Bulgarian and international biennials of graphic forms and has won a number of diplomas and awards. The last two are from the International Biennial in Pleven for graphics and the Balkan Quadrennial in Stara Zagora for painting, which once again shows how talented the author is in both genres.

The exhibition Velvet Morning can be viewed live in the gallery or online on the website of the gallery Paris —

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