Two Bulgarian Authors in the Exhibition United in Differences in Berlin

Two Bulgarian Authors in the Exhibition United in Differences in Berlin

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The exhibition United in Differences – Contemporary European Art is an event that takes place outside the borders of our country, but instead presents Bulgaria with its best ambassador – its contemporary art. The exhibition, located in Berlin, opened on June 8.

Bulgarian artists Martina Vacheva and Nedko Solakov are participating in the large-scale exhibition, which includes works by the best artists in Europe. They are part of 90 young and established artists from 34 countries who show their art. The aim of the exhibition is to emphasize the intercultural conversation today through the prism of contemporary art after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The artist Nedko Solakov participates in the exhibition with the installation “Three”. “Visually, my things are very different, but they are always united by a common attitude that is below them and on the side next to them – the feeling of some absurdity, of some strange coexistence and thus my sense of diversity externally, visually connects with the name of the exhibition “, says the artist Nedko Solakov.

The artist Martina Vacheva created three works especially for the exhibition in Berlin. These are the paintings Trashland, Bingo for Millions and Glory nature.

“It was a great excitement for me to participate among these significant names. The painting Trashland is inspired by various events from “Sheker Mahala” in Plovdiv, where a Roma flea market is held every Sunday.

“These scenes raise many questions about Bulgaria as part of the EU with its problems, its cultural beauties and differences,” added artist Martina Vacheva.


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