Twilight of the Dead will be the Last Film in the Zombie Series of George A. Romero

Twilight of the Dead will be the Last Film in the Zombie Series of George A. Romero

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There is hardly a movie buff who has not heard the name George A. Romero and is not familiar with the imprint left by this man on the zombie genre and horror in general. Unfortunately, in 2017 he passed away after an illness, but his legacy in film form will remain for future generations.

The director had plans to make two more films after Survival of the Dead, starting with Road of the Dead, but this never happened. Fortunately for all his fans, it turns out that his last wife Susan worked secretly to complete a screenplay entitled Twilight of the Dead. This latest zombie film, born of Romero’s mind, will be his final word on a genre whose rules he has defined and shaped.

The widow developed the script with the help of Paolo Zelati, Joe Kneter and Robert Lucas. Here is what she shares about the work done:

I gave Paolo my full blessing, as long as I was by his side all the time and sure he would stay true to George’s vision. We had a great idea and the beginning of the script. I can say one hundred percent that my husband will be extremely happy for this film to be completed. He wanted this to be his last imprint on the zombie genre.

Paolo Zelati worked with Romero on the original idea of ​​the script and certainly has a clear idea of ​​the direction the cult director wanted to take. I hope that this will be a really worthy end to the whole zombie series, which started in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead and continues with Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. Diary of the Dead is a side movie because the action takes place at the beginning of the whole epidemic and is not a continuation of the other titles.

The official slogan is that the action will take place in a devastated world. Life has left the planet, but there is still hope for humanity. Twilight of the Dead will be a direct sequel to Land of the Dead and will follow what happens to the zombie leader, whose fate remains unclear after the finale. George Romero’s idea was to answer all the questions viewers have on this issue.

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