Travelogue: A VALPARAÍSO (1963)

Travelogue: A VALPARAÍSO (1963)

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Image source: Pixabay; Mariamichelle

Beautiful and transcendental look into daily life of Chilean port city Valparaiso from the 1960s. 

Currently, travel is very limited and many people go on google maps or similar services to 

experience that sensation of visiting an unknown place far away. Some go for Facebook events that in their nature are guided tours of popular tourist destinations like Venice and Paris that have been pre-recorded. It is something, hardly ideal but something. 

But, what about those in search of alternative travels. Yes hipsters and new age beatniks. The annoying loud airbnb folks and stupidly adventurous couch surfers. What about them? 

Sure, some are brave enough to embark on travels outside the wire but let’s be honest, probably 90% of those young people are stuck at home and facing a prospect of no travel and soul crushing job hunting. This time not to fund their next trip but merely pay rent. 

Unfortunately, this is the state of things as of now and it would be for a while. This is why it’s important to find a spark that helps coping. That’s where Valparaiso comes — a short film that is a travelogue of not just a distant place (writing from an Eurocentric pov) but distant in time (now that’s far away for everyone). Not much to say about it apart from the first sentence. A colorful steep place and a peek in another life. 


You can watch it on MUBI

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