Trailer for the Cannes Debut Anthology The Year of the Everlasting Storm

Trailer for the Cannes Debut Anthology The Year of the Everlasting Storm

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After the wonderful confirmation that this year’s Cannes Film Festival is taking place, and after seeing the full list of titles that will debut on the French Riviera, we now know details about some of the individual films. The first thing that catches our eye is the anthology “The Year of the Everlasting Storm”.

Even from the title itself, we immediately realized that this will be a film about the pandemic – a type of project to which we are gradually developing greater tolerance, as we approach the end of the crisis in real life. However, “The Year of the Everlasting Storm” is not impressive because of the pandemic, but because it is a collaboration between some of the most interesting directors on the planet, who realized their segments during (and inspired by) lockdowns.

These are the extremely impressive band David Lowry (“A Ghost Story”), Jafar Panahi (“The White Balloon”), Anthony Chen (“Ilo Ilo”), Malik Vital (“Imperial Dreams”), Laura Poitras (“Citizenfour”) ), Domingo Sotomayor (“Too Late to Die Young”) and Apichatpong Verasetakul (“Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives”).

These names are collected by the production company NEON, which already have existing connections, previous or upcoming projects with each of the listed artists. Some of them, such as Verasetakul, will also present Cannes’ own feature films (“Memoria”), but this general anthology will, of course, be broadcast outside the competition program in the Midnight Screenings section.

Watch the trailer now:

The very fact that each of the directors in this international group is in itself a complete artist, with his own style and approach, each of whom has shot his own segment (or with a minimal team), makes this project so intimate and curious to watch. . Unlike their “ordinary” films, which still have to follow some structures, these will probably be much more intimate views in the inner worlds of these artists. They were driven by the experiences we all had over the past year and a half and the relentless urge to create art, and NEON wrapped their instincts in a common gift for movie buffs. We can’t wait to see the end result!

“The Year of the Everlasting Storm” will debut at Cannes, a broad premiere has not yet been announced.

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