Tom Hanks, Bill Murray and Adrian Brody Join Wes Anderson’s New Film

Tom Hanks, Bill Murray and Adrian Brody Join Wes Anderson’s New Film

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As we sit quietly and (impatiently) waiting for the moment when we will have the opportunity to watch “The French Dispatch” – the last film by Wes Anderson, which debuted some time ago at the Cannes Film Festival – we begin to receive information about the next project of the director. While this is not very typical of the American – however, his extremely original and refined visual style is not easily achieved and usually his films do not pursue each other, and several years pass between them – in this case it is quite understandable that we already know about his future plans, given that “The French Dispatch” has actually been ready for at least a year.

As we already know, Wes Anderson’s new film lacks any details about the plot, and even the fact that the photos will be in Spain is not clear whether it is part of the story, or just the state will be used as a background for the events. However, we know that Tilda Swinton will participate, which is always good news for us, and now we are learning about new additions to the cast.

First of all, we mention that other old acquaintances besides Swinton who will be involved in the film are Bill Murray and Adrian Brody. Murray, of course, is a pure sample legend, and Brody is one of those actors we don’t watch very often and seems to fall out of our collective consciousness until he appears in a new role, and then we inevitably remember how ingenious he really is. Especially the roles that Wes Anderson gives him, inevitably take advantage of his intensity and eccentric presence and always give great results.

However, Anderson’s old acquaintances, while always welcome as a supplement to the overall picture, are not really as interesting news as the fact that Tom Hanks himself is also joining the project. America’s favourite ​​is not just one of the biggest stars on the planet, one of the most stable and effortlessly good actors in the world, but more than all that, he is just such a good-natured and positive presence in the Hollywood world that he really we are surprised that this will be his first collaboration with Anderson – they were made for each other!

According to all sources, Hanks’ role in this film will be small and almost like a cameo, but this does not disappoint us in any way, because as you can see from afar, who enters Anderson’s entourage, usually stays there for a long time. And no matter how short, more Tom Hanks in our lives is never a bad thing.

Other details about Wes Anderson’s next film are not yet known, but we continue to follow any news and suspect that once filming begins in September, the news will also intensify.

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