The Underwater Tango of Ariadne Aves (Video)

The Underwater Tango of Ariadne Aves (Video)

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Sometimes it’s the art to do something because you know it’s going to be beautiful. “

The words are of the French director Bastien Soleil, who together with Ariadne Aves presented the video Tango.

In it, the Spaniard, engaged in dancing and diving, presents a beautiful performance ten meters below the water surface.

“This is a project that was born out of the desire of two people to do something different, putting together common ideas to achieve this result,” the Spaniard wrote on YouTube. According to her, it was difficult to create choreography for underwater performance at home.

“I’ve always been a fan of people who want to go one step further, who aren’t afraid. That was the case with Bastien Soleil – he was looking for a way to carry out any madness that came to mind.”

To film the dance, the two did 120 dives without the use of additional oxygen. “The combination of water, light and Ariadne’s dancing talent presents viewers with a new perspective on underwater videography and art in general.

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