The Third Edition of the Bulgarian Gaming Marathon on September 19

The Third Edition of the Bulgarian Gaming Marathon on September 19

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The Bulgarian Gaming Marathon, the online festival dedicated to the vast world of video games, including numerous video streams, tournaments, meetings with celebrities from the world of gaming, quiz shows and other virtual events, will be held on September 19. The marathon will bring together fans with 42 established and rising streamers, e-sports players, YouTubers and other interesting personalities and will offer over 300 hours of original streaming content of popular and classic games. The program of the festival will be announced in stages on the official website

The Bulgarian Gaming Marathon is organized by TDB Play – a company developing its activities in the field of video games, e-sports and the so-called geek culture, in partnership with one of the world’s leading companies in the field of digital assets – Nexo.

With the announcement of the third edition of the TDB Play Marathon, it marks one year since its creation.

“We have seen video games become an integral part of the modern way of life over the last decade. Their imprint can be seen not only in the games themselves, but also in education, economics, business, sports, culture and a number of other important social spheres. In recent years, video games have gone from a niche hobby to a significant pop-cultural phenomenon, gaining fans from all demographics. Similar to them is the phenomenon of crypto, which has created its own distinctive culture, language and constantly evolving community. Taking into account these facts, as organizers of the Marathon, we strive to offer something for everyone – from professional gamers dedicated to e-sports competitions, through fans of one or another hardcore title, to people who are just touching video games. – shares Martin Kadinov, co-founder of TDB Play and the Bulgarian Gaming Marathon.

Among the participants of the Marathon will be our well-known Kito Gaming, Aethelthryth, Gothika_47, Gabinka, Mr_Jackp0t, Qforina, as well as new faces on the streaming scene. And this edition will not disappoint fans and will offer a variety of tournaments and special events, as well as video content with games of different genres and generations, including Grand Theft Auto 5, Fortnite, Minecraft, FIFA 2021, Brawl Stars, and classic titles. such as CS: GO, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty.

The StarCraft and DOTA2 tournaments will be crypto-themed, which we believe will offer a fresh reading of the classic racing games.

5G is a topic that, together with Telenor, we will present in the Marathon and we will be able to see its applicability and its advantages in a gaming context.

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