The Sofia Cinema Vlaykova Gets a Modern Cinema Machine

The Sofia Cinema Vlaykova Gets a Modern Cinema Machine

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Funds are needed to repair the roof of the building of “Tsar Ivan Asen II”, № 11 With a donation campaign in 2020 the emblematic Sofia cinema “Vlaykova” is getting modernized. Despite the third lockdown, we manage to release new films and premieres of our digital cinema. We already have all the new movies. This was said to BNR by the director Oleg Kovachev, who is chairman of the board of trustees of the Sofia Chitalishte “Anton Strashimirov-1926”, to which the cinema hall belongs.

The cinema already has Liam Neeson’s new film The Defender. At the opening, visitors will be able to choose from interesting European, American and Bulgarian titles. From April 8, Kinomania begins with 10 titles in Vlaykova cinema. “The most important thing was for this cinema machine to come in because not only as a sound but also as an image, the cinema is already among the most modern Bulgarian cinemas,” said Oleg Kovachev. He commented that for the 95-year-old cinema the renovation is deserved and it is thanks to donors. More than 400 people have sent money and the donation campaign continues because new speakers are needed, as well as a curtain mechanism, which is currently 60 years old. “There are people who continue to donate. Viewers have already realized that we have new films,” Kovachev told BNR.

The donation campaign for the Vlaykova cinema continues, as the building at 11 Tsar Ivan Asen II Street in Sofia needs to be repaired because the roof is leaking. “We believe that with your help and our efforts we will achieve the same success that we achieved thanks to all of you, for the purchase of the digital projection machine / DCP /, with which we started broadcasting all movie titles entering our country”. 

Donations are accepted in boxes, which are located in the tea room of the lobby and in the office of the Chitalishte, as well as in a bank account: 

Model National Chitalishte “Anton Strashimirov-1926” 




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