The Short Films in the Competition of Sofia Film Fest 2021

The Short Films in the Competition of Sofia Film Fest 2021

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For the 19th consecutive year, the Sofia Film Fest International Film Festival is organizing a competition for a Bulgarian short film. For the second year in a row, the award will be presented by Dolи Media Studio. Many of the leading names in contemporary Bulgarian cinema took part in the competition, including Dragomir Sholev, Andrey Paunov, Boris Despodov, Svetla Tsotsorkova, Petar Valchanov, Pavel Vesnakov.

The selection committee – director Boris Dеspodov, screenwriter and producer Vanya Rainova and last year’s winner of the Award for Best Short Film, director Hristo Simeonov, chose the following 12 titles, which will be evaluated by the International Jury on the 25th Sofia


  1. Breathe, directed by Biser Dzhonev
  2. Someone, directed by Milko Yovchev
  3. Spell, directed by Victoria Karakoleva
  4. Quarantine, directed by Dimitar Dimitrov
  5. Good Night, Lily, directed by Petar Valchev
  6. Love in Time of Tourism, directed by Vessela Dancheva
  7. From Here to Here, directed by Georgi Martev
  8. Under the Same Roof, directed by Simeon Tsonchev
  9. Tanda, directed by Teodora-Kosara Popova
  10. Shells / Eggshells, directed by Slava Doycheva
  11. AIVA, directed by Veneta Androva
  12. Santiago, directed by Andrei Kulev


The prize is € 9,500 (€ 1,500 cash prize and € 8,000 in post-production services) provided by Doli Media Studio and is received by the director of the winning film.

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