The Road —  Exhibition of Paintings by Ruska Stoykova

The Road — Exhibition of Paintings by Ruska Stoykova

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We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition “The Road” – the third solo exhibition of paintings by Ruska Stoykova. Welcome on 27.05. (Thursday) from 18:00 in Adora Gallery, 10 Ami Bue Str., Kriva Reka district, Sofia.

Ruska Stoykova was born in 1987 in the city of Sofia, in a family of artists. For a long time she watched her mother and aunt paint and so the brush became a natural continuation of her life. She attended the College of Painting PGII “Professor Nikolai Raynov” as a student, but later took a completely different path and graduated in “Regional Development and Policy”, and then a master’s degree in “Planning and Management of Territorial Systems” at Sofia University. Politics distances her from art, but she finds inspiration and support in her colleagues and teachers. She started touring with them in Bulgaria and so her first solo exhibition was born in 2010, entitled “Journey through dreams”. In it, Ruska presents over 30 paintings dedicated to the Bulgarian lands and history.

Not long after, moving along the parable, the artist realizes that she has to leave the brushes again and becomes a consultant on European projects – a position that takes her away from home for a while. Frequent trips to Western Europe (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, etc.) once again inspired her to continue painting. Ruska made a sharp turn in her career, leaving politics forever, and became an international guide with Spanish, English and French. She finds love and art in traveling the world. Thus, in 2017 she opened her second solo exhibition in Luxembourg, dedicated to major historical and cultural centers such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and others. Her paintings become the property of private collections in Chile, America, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Luxembourg, Bulgaria.

Until 2020, Ruska will not stop traveling … From Africa to Istanbul, she finds its vocation in travel and in telling the history, art and traditions of all corners of the world, to meet new cultures, to care for, encourage, inspire people and upholds those forgotten values ​​that live only when we are on the road … Mentally Russian always paints!

The Road … In 2020, the artist lost her job as a tour guide. Deprived of the opportunity to travel, the endless path she has taken is lost … until one day Ruska finds herself with the brushes in her hand again. Thus was born her third solo exhibition “The Road”. This is an exhibition about the way to ourselves – where we can always find a port and refuge during the greatest storms of life.

Jumping from topic to topic, Ruska’s paintings lead us on a new path, born of the pure impulse of love. Her works radiate coziness, ethereal tenderness, romance and, above all, mystery. “Venice”, “Rebirth”, “Dream”, “The Way of the Bogomils”, “Aurora”, “The Birth of an Angel”, “Freedom” are just some of the titles of works that transport us to a parallel reality where the invisible is present. in the image of the guardian angel, and the unspoken pops up in our uncontrollable dreams to call us to look into the depths of our spiritual essence. From the houses in the Rhodopes to the Rialto Bridge in Venice, through dreams and mysticism, Ruska stays true to her journey, which she wants to share with us. Every artist illuminates the path of the soul!

For those who love painting with words and music, a special surprise is provided: they will be able to enjoy the beautiful stanzas of Juliana Yaneva, with the creative pseudonym Anisihia Polen, who will “voice” each picture, and the viola of Velyan Vankov will sound the works in a magical way!

The exhibition will last until June 10, 2021.

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