The New Bulgarian Film Petya of my Petya Premieres on SIFF 2021 (Trailer)

The New Bulgarian Film Petya of my Petya Premieres on SIFF 2021 (Trailer)

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The film is titled after the story of the legendary young soul and poet Petya Dubarova — Petya of my Petya. The director is Alexander Kosev, the screenwriters are Nelly Dimitrova and Valentina Angelova, who raise the curtain of the past in order to present Petya Dubarova and her talent to modern young people.

“The film is a modern story. We want to emphasize that this is a film about Petya Dubarova, without it being “about Petya Dubarova”. The story is not biographical, but Petya is present with her true nature and the most valuable thing – with her wisdom and talent, with which she has influenced generations, “said screenwriter Nelly Dimitrova.

The approach in making the film is to connect the future with the past. The story is built on the connections and parallels between two teenage girls from different times: Petya Dubarova and Petya Monova. One is bold and modern, and the other – as presented in the film – is wise and mythical.

The film got a subsidy from the National Film Center at a low-budget session and was supported by the Municipality of Burgas. It was shot in less than a month, entirely in Burgas, produced by BUFF Pictures, co-produced by Concept Studio. The cinematographer of the film is Ivan Vatsov, the producer is Nikolay Urumov, and the co-producer is Krastyo Lambev. The roles are entrusted to Alisa Atanasova, Alexandra Kostova, Alena Vergova, Julian Vergov, Yasen Atanasov, Albena Pavlova, Vasil Banov; many of the actors involved are born and associated with Burgas, and nearly 500 city residents are included as extras.

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