The International Film Festival Burgas 2022 has ended

The International Film Festival Burgas 2022 has ended

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The seventh edition of the Burgas International Film Festival has lived up to the expectations of its growth so far. For another summer, the film forum gave us intriguing encounters, exciting footage and a powerful dose of inspiration. The organizers have raised the bar high with an outstanding selection of cinema in a variety of genres, styles and messages.
Entries selected, nominated or awarded in some of the biggest international festivals proved that young filmmakers around the world are making their big strides along the way. In a special ceremony on the Snail stage, the films that impressed the jury and the audience the most were awarded. The Serbian film “Celti” won the Grand Jury Prize in the feature-length section, and director Milica Tomovic appeared in a short thank-you video to congratulate the Burgas audience. However, the jury could not help but award two more of the selected films with special prizes, namely “Other People”, the feature debut of Polish director Aleksandra Terpinska, and “Beautiful Creatures” by Icelandic director and screenwriter Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson. The latter turned out to be this year’s favourite of both the youth jury and the public, who awarded it their prizes. Scandinavian cinema has proven its power to create a radiance that thrills even in the midst of the darkest states of human nature.

In the short film selection for Best Foreign Film, “Wasteland” from South Korea directed by Tak Lee was awarded. A special prize was awarded by the jury to Poland’s “Voy”, while the best Bulgarian film award went to “X” by young director Petar Grudov.

Contemporary art cinema is already swimming in its own waters on the stage of Burgas International Film Festival and this was felt by the many visitors and connoisseurs of the seventh art who took part in the event this year. The festival managed to keep the attention on “focus” with special screenings, selections and side activities. Music, dance, animation, Portuguese melancholy – essential elements for any celebration of the arts. The presence of filmmakers, guests and amateurs sparked inspiring discussions conducive to the generation of creative ideas. The accompanying dance programme stirred our perceptions beyond the world of the visible. The musical films that played from the stage of the Snail attracted and entranced everyone passing by the cinema stage in various rhythms.

The final credits are rolling, and we are already dreaming of the upcoming eighth festival. The organizers reminded us that eight is the symbol of eternity. This year’s edition of the Burgas International Film Festival was closed with a message of eternity – the film “Voyev” directed by Bilyana Kirilova was more than a reward for all of us who managed to experience the great cinema magic this year as well.

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