The Full Cast for Neil Gaiman’s Sandman has Become Clear

The Full Cast for Neil Gaiman’s Sandman has Become Clear

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Fans, rejoice, it’s true, it’s happening – an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” exists, is being filmed and there are even ready-made episodes! A few months ago, we learned about the first group of actors who will take on some of the main roles in the series, of course led by Tom Sturgess as Lord Sun. After years of waiting, false starts, ideas and disappointments, the cult Vertigo comic will really get (hopefully) a respectable adaptation of Netflix. Neem Gaiman himself shares his joy at the process, which is in full swing in a new blog post that fills us with joy, in which he also announces a large number of other actors hired to take on important roles.

Gaiman begins with the following wonderful and enviable information:

Every afternoon I receive an email telling me that there are “dailys” to watch from The Sandman. This is the best part of the day. Once every few weeks I get an email that there is a ready episode to watch. This is the best part of the month.

Words are not enough to say how happy we are that Gaiman is not just happy with what is happening on the set, but mostly that he receives daily news and (sounds like) has some creative control over the production. Of course, writers don’t always know how to make cinema and television, but after the great end result of Good Omens, in which we fell in love forever and in which Gaiman was very deeply involved, we know that he has a flair for adaptations of his own. work and we have full confidence that we will enjoy the end result as much as he does.

And now for the casting. One of the most important roles that has been announced is definitely that of Death – it will play Kirby Howell-Batiste. Described by Gaiman as “the wiser, sweeter and much smarter sister of the Sun”, Death is one of the favorites of the fans and we find Howell-Batiste a great choice because she made a very good impression on “The Good Place”. and the reboot of Veronica Mars. Mason Alexander Park and Donna Preston will be Desire and Despair, respectively, and Jenna Coleman, known to all who are still interested in Doctor Who, will play Joanna Constantine, an 18th-century occult adventure and great-great-great-great -grandmother of John Constantine. Joanna is a personal creation of Gaiman, which generally exists in the comics only in the past, but it seems that this will be one of the big changes in the adaptation – we will meet her today.

Ethel Cripps, a small but important role in the comic, the great love of Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) will be played as a young woman by Niam Walsh, and as an older woman when she is known as a “woman with thousands of identities” by Jolie Richardson. Ethel’s son, the mad John Dee, who is in search of the Truth and pursues the Dream, will be played by the great David Tulis.

In another of the main storylines, we see Kio Ra as Rose Walker, a young woman who desperately searches for her missing little brother and finds a family she didn’t suspect, as well as a relationship with Sun, from which they both can’t escape. Sandra James-Young is Unity Kincaid, who has spent a century asleep, missed her life and is now Rose’s mysterious sponsor. The great Stephen Fry will play the role of Gilbert, the elegant defender of Rose. Patton Oswald will voice Matthew, the raven herald of the Dream.


Our excitement is really huge and will only increase until we see the first shots, the trailer and of course the final product. Until then, however, here is the synopsis of the entire series:

A rich mixture of modern myth and gloomy fantasy, in which modern fiction, historical drama and legend are inextricably intertwined. “The Sandman” traces the people and places affected by Morpheus, Lord Sun, as he corrects the universal and human mistakes he has made during his vast existence.

“The Sandman” was written by Neil Gaiman, adapted from his own comic book with the help of David Goyer and showrunner Alan Heinberg.

A release date has not yet been set.

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