The Exhibition “Persona” Looks at Each of Us

The Exhibition “Persona” Looks at Each of Us

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Images of ropes, metal, ceramic pieces, nails and liquid rubber. This is the face of the exhibition “Persona”, the work of the ceramicist Silvia Mitovska and the architect Petar Belev. The exhibition opens tonight in Hall “2019” of the City Art Gallery in Plovdiv.

Mother and son have been preparing the concept exhibition for several years. According to Mitovska, this is a joint work of art by two artists with very different personalities.

The word “persona” comes from the Latin verb “personare” and originally referred to the theatrical mask. The term evolved and today defines one of the archetypes in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung – the ideal aspect of personality, which we present to the outside world, points out in the annotation for the exhibition Peter Belev.

The exhibition leads the visitor to an anonymous person in the form of huge masks, and the look at each of them is an opportunity for the viewer to discover their projections in different situations and at different times.

“These events are part of our lives. Certainly each of us has done so, “says Silvia Mitovska about the many incarnations that found their artistic expression in the exhibition. The authors meet us with “one man and his many faces.”

To provoke reflection – this was the leading thing for us when we started working on the images, says Silvia Mitovska.

The mask we wear in society adapts like a chameleon and changes many times according to the situation and the context, reflecting the colors of our environment, summarizes Petar Belev.

The general impression of the sculptures is complemented by 20 paintings. Animation is also incorporated into the exhibition.

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