The Bare Truth About the Band Zhiguli Hits Theaters on April 16 (Music Video)

The Bare Truth About the Band Zhiguli Hits Theaters on April 16 (Music Video)

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The film is about a group of forgotten musicians, played by Mihail Bilalov, Irini Jambonas, Filip Avramov, Lilia Maraviglia, Gerasim Georgiev – Gero and Dimitar Rachkov.

“It won’t be today”, the first single to the film’s soundtrack, recently aired on social media and radio. The composer is Petar Dundakov, and the author of the text is Ivaylo Valchev. The Bare Truth About the Band Zhiguli includes a total of 6 original songs by Dundakov and Joro Georgiev from Ostava. 

Sharp dialogue, comic twists and a strong cast of Bulgarian actors send viewers into the history of the former musicians, who separated more than 30 years ago. There seems to be nothing to bring them back together, but one fine day, almost by force, they are forced to stand side by side again.

The initiator of the difficult mission is the former leader of the group (Mikhail Bilalov), who is urgently looking for money to send his daughter (Klimentina Fartsova) to a music academy in London. The creative feuds and unspoken feelings in the former gang must remain in the past, but with each passing day, the mission seems more and more impossible. The film is distributed by bTV Studios.

“This piece “It won’t be today” is something like a quick read of the big story in the film – a great start for getting closer to its characters,” says director Viktor Bozhinov.

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