Students Create Interactive Space for Visual Arts in the Sofia Library

Students Create Interactive Space for Visual Arts in the Sofia Library

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The newest interactive space for visual arts will be opened on May 11, 3 pm, in the lobby of the Sofia Library (4 Slaveykov Square).

40 students design and create movable panels with letters and signs that can change places on the two opposite walls, rotate around their center and turn as they are painted on both sides. Thus, from May 11, the visitors of the Sofia Library will be able to arrange them and “write” words. The new interactive space includes murals, stained glass and mobile installations of modular panels representing the various visual arts.

In 2019, the project won a competition in the “Audiences” program, module “Creative Intervention in Public Environment”. It was implemented with the support of the National Culture Fund and the Central Fund for Strategic Development of the NBU Board of Trustees.

The interactive part of the work, which builds a changing image environment in the architectural space, is inspired by the mobile wall installations “Love and Hate” and “Spirit and Matter”, created at NBU on the idea of ​​Prof. Dr. Oleg Gochev in the period 2009 – 2014. With its total intervention in the space, the project is a continuation of other collective student murals in public spaces, led by the lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts at NBU Stanimir Bozhilov, such as “My world under the rainbow”, “Masks” and ” New directions”.

After almost two years of work in difficult and unusual conditions, after repeated delays, the long-awaited opening, where participants will be presented with certificates and awards provided by NBU, will be on May 11, 2021.

The organizer of the project is the Department of Fine Arts of the New Bulgarian University, and students from NBU, NAA, Sofia University, universities in Great Britain, students from NGPI, NPGPF and NUII participate in the creation of the installations.

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