Steven Spielberg will Make a Film About his Childhood with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen

Steven Spielberg will Make a Film About his Childhood with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen

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Mr. Steven Spielberg is among the people we are always ready to learn new things about. He has long become a legend in the world of cinema, he is one of the tireless spirits who are constantly embarking on new projects. Although West Side Story has yet to meet audiences, he is already working on another directorial project that is emerging as “one of the most personal films of his career.”

The still untitled future film will tell about a “boy who grows up in Arizona”, and Michelle Williams has already entered negotiations for participation. The inspiration for the plot will come from the childhood of Steven Spielberg himself, and his mother will be the model that will shape the image for which Williams is applying.

The screenwriting responsibilities will be shared between Tony Kushner and Spielberg, who hasn’t written in two decades – since Artificial Intelligence, having previously worked on the scripts for Poltergeist and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We are tempted to say that this is why his films turn out so well – because he does not try to be the “exclusive” author of everything, but all three titles appear as another proof of his talent.

We continue with the essential information with another name in the cast – Seth Rogen. It is expected that this unpredictable and super-characteristic actor, known for many authorial projects and as a screenwriter and director, will take on the role of his (Spielberg) favorite uncle, and the clarification is that although the images – both his and Williams – to Inspired by Spielberg’s loved ones, they will have “their own voice”.

Tony Kushner and Steven Spielberg have worked together on Munich, Lincoln and the upcoming West Side Story. In addition to writing the screenplay, the two will also be co-producers with Christy Macosko Krieger, with filming expected to begin in the summer so that the team can “target” a 2022 premiere date. They are currently working on casting for the children, looking for a boy to play the role of little Stephen – quite a challenging task, don’t you think ?!

The very fact that Steven Spielberg has decided to tell about his own childhood – a time that has seriously influenced his film ideas and inspirations over the years – is super interesting. In the meantime, we hope to wait until December, when we are promised (unless new extraordinary lockdown circumstances occur) the premiere of West Side Story.

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