Sofia Now has Online Map of Cultural Sites

Sofia Now has Online Map of Cultural Sites

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About 100 outdoor spaces are included at this stage in the map, which has been developed by the Culture Directorate of Sofia Municipality, the municipal enterprise Sofproekt and the NeFormalno Association. The map is available in the GIS portal of Sofproekt and is designed to serve all citizens, organizations, companies and institutions that plan the organization of their events and campaigns. For their convenience, information is provided about the regulations and conditions for the use of the premises, as well as contact details for their owners.

At this stage, the map shows only the open spaces for culture. These are about 100 sites, including stages, stadiums, squares, parks, gardens and more. In addition to photos of the sites, users can see the nearest public transport stops, substations, as well as detailed information about the number of seats for spectators, the presence of a stage, screen, additional spaces, electricity, water supply, toilets and parking.

This first stage of the map was created thanks to data provided by the Culture Directorate, the Green System Directorate, the 24 regional administrations of Sofia Municipality and the Architecture and Urban Planning Division were used. The second stage of the project implementation envisages the map to be supplemented and upgraded with information about the closed places for culture within Sofia Municipality.


You can find the map at:


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