SoFest `2021

SoFest `2021

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SoFest will offer unexpected style collaborations in this year’s program

The next edition of the emblematic Sofia festival SoFest is set. All fans of the landmark event will meet again at the Kabana cinema with favorite artists. On the open summer stage, from June 17 to 20, beloved and famous musicians, actors, artists, writers will immerse the audience in the colorful world of art. For another year, each of the evenings will surprise with a shaking symbiosis between different styles. An unpredictable mixture of music, voice, text, dance will touch and provoke the audience. It will captivate fans not only with jazz, rock, chill out and funky sound, but also will provoke laughter, romance, love.

On the first night of the festival, actors Boyka Velkova and Ivaylo Zahariev will present the musical-poetic performance “Feeling of Love”. Viewers will experience some of the most iconic works of world love poetry, drama, fine arts and music.

The virtuoso musician Teodosii Spasov and the master of the Balkan electronic sound Ivan Shopov will also appear on the stage. They will captivate the audience with the InFusion project, in which they have stepped on the foundation of the Balkan ethno jazz and the Bulgarian folklore motifs. Especially for SoFest, the brilliant pianist Zhivko Petrov will join under the starry sky.

On the second night, the captivating actresses Stefania Koleva, Bogdana Trifonova and Zdrava Kamenova will tell in a unique way, hysterically funny real events from the quarantine. The comedy stand-up show “State of Emergency” with an original, original script guarantees a lot of laughter and fun. On the summer stage, the guests of the festival will indulge in the captivating rhythms of some of the most popular and beloved songs of the cult group “The Usual Suspects”. Stefan Valdobrev, Ivan Lechev, Veselin Veselinov – Eco, Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi and Miroslav Ivanov will perform in unexpected versions “Song of the Decade”, “Slowly”, “Hollywood”, “Fireworks”, and especially for SoFest will present some of his new songs.

On June 19, the audience will meet with proven poets and authors Margarita Petkova and Dobromir Banev. Based on their book of the same name, the show “Absurd Times” with the participation of Nona Yotova and Peter Antonov will perform the evening in an unforgettable way. SoFets will continue with a concert of the charming singer with a virtuoso voice and a constant presence in the music charts Stefan Ilchev. Especially for the festival he will perform his new songs, as well as the best of the Bulgarian and world pop scene.

SoFest will close this year’s edition with the show “Dangerous Charm” – Todor Kolev Tribute. The guests of the festival will meet with friends and relatives of the “dangerous magician”, and then the main role will be played by Her Majesty the Music. Together with Filip Avramov – Fitsata, Nelko Kolarov and the group AKAGA we will go back to the time when “there was a feeling and only then art was born”. We will experience an unforgettable evening in which we will remember the “Bulgarian who caught up with the Americans, but he himself has no time”, the “double with thousands of faces”, the unforgettable great artist Todor Kolev, who made us smile.

And this year SoFest will share and pass on the love of art to its youngest fans. Especially for the children on June 18, 19 and 20 on the sunny stage of the cinema “Kabana” there will be three fascinating events.

The talented, funny and beloved actress Maya Bezhanska, who sincerely laughs to tears young and old, will read children’s tales with a Balkan flavor from the authors of “Mailbox”. The stars Mimi, Bibi, Buhalche and Margaritka will sing together with the kids the most favorite Bulgarian children’s songs in a fun “Karaoke with Daisy”.

The children’s program of SoFest 2021 will offer the kids music, sports, entertainment and educational workshops and many surprises. During the three days of the festival there will be a thematic SoFest bazaar for children and their parents. During all three days (18, 19 and 20.06.) The daily program will be free from 11.30 am to 6.00 pm.

SoFest 2021 is part of the Summer Program in the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality.

Tickets for the festival can be found in the Eventim network and online at with current promotional offers.

For more information you can visit the SoFest website –, the festival’s Facebook page – and Instagram – https://www.

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