“So close and so far away” — Exhibition About Communication and New Opportunities for the World

“So close and so far away” — Exhibition About Communication and New Opportunities for the World

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Center for Contemporary Art and Library Burgas


So close and so far away 

Gabriela von Habsburg, Brian Daly, Yves Toshain, Kalin Serapionov, Lyudmil Georgiev, Tim Parchikov

August 6-30, 2021, opening on August 6 (Friday) from 19:00 to 21:00

Curator: Stefan Stoyanov

After a long period of social isolation, which affected both the communication between us and the perceived “normal” way of life, the exhibition So close and so far away / So close and so far is an exhibition of communication and new opportunities for the world. It will feature six artists, represented by international art dealer and curator Stefan Stoyanov, who live and work in different parts of the world and have never participated in a joint event. At the same time, close and far from each other, as interests and ways of expression, their works will be presented at the Center for Contemporary Art and the Burgas Library, creating separate fragments of independent spaces in the joint exhibition.

The exhibition can be seen in the newest art space of Burgas – Center for Contemporary Art and Library from August 6 to August 30, 2021, and the opening will take place on August 6 (Friday) from 19:00 to 21:00 .

Famous for her monumental works in many cities around the world, Gabriela von Habsburg is the granddaughter of Charles I, the last emperor of Austria, and in Burgas will show a series of sculptures with abstract shapes that form volumes, lines and objects, creating harmony and rhythm in overall visual ensemble (https://habsburg.de/skulpturen/).

Yves Toshain will present his poetic neon work, which combines both aggression and analyticalness (https://toshain.com).

The abstract, luminous objects, parts of advertising elements against the background of the night and a distant lunar eclipse in Kalin Serapionov’s video create the idea of ​​a common space between the cultural and the natural. A world that is both here and beyond, near and far, which every viewer can imagine and imagine, listened to the psychedelic rhythm of the work (https://www.serapionov.info).

Whether “everything good is outside the work” or outside the framework in which we are accustomed to perceive the world is a question that the schedule Ludmil Georgiev asks. His graphics are like a fragment of infinity, and the boundaries of the work remain open through the lines that continue mentally in space (https://grafikart.bg/artists-type/luidilgeorgiev/).


The idea of ​​the limit of understanding and infinity, in this case the infinite possible content, is also embodied in Brian Daly’s “open” words – DEMOCRACY / FREEDOM – compositions of words presented as “images” of the very concepts of “democracy” and ” freedom ”with all their contradictions, multidimensionality, historical ups and downs (http://www.briandaileyart.com).

The video work “Snowmen” by Tim Parchikov, who explores the myth of the “mysterious Russian soul” and at the same time continues the expressive language of radical Russian art, shows a work related to sharp visual and emotional contrasts – between the snow and fire, between calm and aggression, etc. The important question for the author is whether today in the abundance of “hot news” society itself does not become a passive observer, falling into a deep lethargy? (https://www.timparchikov.com)

Between the natural and the cultural, action and statics, night and day, the ultimate and the infinite, democracy and freedom, the exhibition So close and so far away actually talks about whether and how the basic foundations of the world change, in who we live and how we can find a way out or an alternative, after the break from the pandemic, which set not only a real but also a “metaphysical” boundary in people’s lives.

The exhibition is realized by the curator Stefan Stoyanov, Art Agency and Public Art Foundation and with the assistance of the Municipality of Burgas, the US Embassy in Bulgaria, Insa Oil, the Women’s Forum Association and others.

Art managers of the event are Rumina Georgieva and Vyara Kachulkova

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