Seraphim — Interactive Art Installation in the Dark

Seraphim — Interactive Art Installation in the Dark

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Seraphim is a study that raises questions about Slow Fashion and the super-consumer society. The idea came from Viliana Karushkova – a fashion designer, and Kalina Pavlova, who deals with advertising and cultural management. The name of the project is inspired by the story of the same name by Yordan Yovkov, in which the hero with his old, worn coat is a symbol of empathy and spiritual values. The project presents the ideas of sustainable living and sensitivity in all its manifestations. On the other side of the initiative are young blind people.

For several months, the two groups learned together from each other about this sensitivity, enriched their inner world and worked side by side. The fruit of their efforts is the interactive art installation, which is located in the capital’s gallery Ko-Op. With the help of blind guides, anyone who is curious can enter the maze in the dark and touch seven sculptures made from scrap materials processed in the textile industry. You will get acquainted with clothes typical of different cultures around the world. All of them are the work of Viliana Karushkova.

Guner Apti, one of the blind guides, will introduce us to the maze and invite us to sharpen our senses and explore some of the matter we touch. We will find that in the dark it can be cozy.

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