Sense of a river —  Exhibition of Paintings by Radoslav Neychev

Sense of a river — Exhibition of Paintings by Radoslav Neychev

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Sofia Press Bookstore Gallery presents 

Sense of river

Exhibition of paintings by Radoslav Neychev

May 10-30, 2021


“The river is a sign of both the dynamic transformation of life and its sustainability. It is the place where the author’s subjective experiences from his childhood are concentrated, a place saturated with different emotions and depths and associated with tenderness, silence and contemplation as a counterbalance to the hurried It is precisely as a sustainable object, natural and specifically personal, that it is a kind of barometer for the inner state of man and the direction in which he has set in. Highly realistic outlines turn into abstract-blurred forms, the day changes with at night, fish emerge from the riverbed, the intense gaze stops to feel the natural pulse of life, but even in the most idyllic landscapes the romantic drama of the seeking consciousness, the conflict between the eternal and the transient, between natural tranquility and interiorized urban dynamics. Using colors and painting, Radoslav Neykov tells stories imbued with alternating emotions, but in a lasting sense of river. “

Radoslav Neychev Ivanov was born in 1975 in the town of Oryahovo. 1989-1994 graduated from the Language High School, Vratsa, 1996-2001 graduated from SWU “Neofit Rilski” – Blagoevgrad, specialty Applied Linguistics

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