Renowned Director Georgi Dyulgerov Enters the International Jury of the Cinema Award 355

Renowned Director Georgi Dyulgerov Enters the International Jury of the Cinema Award 355

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The creator of the cult films “Avantage” and “Measure by measure” Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov joins the professional 12-member international jury from Hollywood, England, Italy and Bulgaria in this year’s edition of the competition for young artists CINEMA AWARD 355. Dyulgerov will participate in the selection of the three finalists for the statuette and the cash prize. Traditionally, the final choice of the winner will be in the hands of the public only during the annual Ceremony of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation Awards at the end of April 2021.

Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov is the author of films that will forever remain in the history of Bulgarian cinema, as well as dozens of documentaries, including “About the girls and their Neshka Robeva.” He is a member of the European Film Academy, and was also awarded the title of “Honorary Professor of the New Bulgarian University” for great achievements in the field of Bulgarian feature films and special merits in teaching film directing.

Osvaldo De Santis , who has worked on films such as Titanic, Avatar, Star Wars, Ice Age and many other masterpieces, is the chairman of the jury of the CINEMA AWARD 355. He is the chief consultant of Paramaunt Pictures in Italy and was previously President of Twenty Century Fox, Italy for 33 years, and also CEO of TV SKY.

The application for the CINEMA AWARD 355 – the challenge to the young filmmakers of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation ends at the end of this week – February 28, 2021. For the third consecutive year, the young directors have a unique chance to appear and attract the attention of international professionals with complete freedom of theme, style and genre. The only condition is that the number “10” be present in the title of their film. Only original scripts are allowed.

“It is a real privilege for us that the great Bulgarian director Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov joins the jury side by side with the legendary producer Osvaldo de Santis. So we already have a dozen brilliant and respected names, forming an incredible team from Hollywood, England, Italy and Bulgaria. Now is the time for young directors to take on the challenge, because they rarely have the opportunity have their films seen and appreciated by such stellar filmmakers. Apparently, in the third edition of the CINEMA AWARD 355, most candidates are waiting for the last days. This is typical for artists – to be active at the last moment. Last year in the final 24 hours we received almost all applications. And we can’t wait to start watching the author’s scripts “, shared the actress and producer Desi Tenekedzhieva, chairman of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation.


The 13-member professional international cinema jury in 2021 at the CINEMA AWARD 355 includes:

Osvaldo De Santis – Chairman of the Jury – Paramount Pictures (Italy)

Philip Roth – producer, screenwriter, director – UFO Film and Television Studios (USA)

Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov – director, honorary professor at NBU (Bulgaria)

Thomas P. Vitale – producer, screenwriter – UNIVERSAL SYFY Network (USA)

Ivan Tonev – producer, cameraman – ARS DIGITAL Studio (Bulgaria)

Don Michael Paul – director, screenwriter – UNIVERSAL (USA)

Desi Tenekedzhieva – actress, director, producer – NOVA Film (Bulgaria)

Mark Summers – International Casting Director – MS Casting Directors & Management (England)

Stanislav Semerdzhiev – screenwriter, producer, rector of NATFA (Bulgaria)

Ben Charles Edwards – screenwriter, director (England)

Jeffrey Beach – producer, screenwriter – UFO Film and Television Studios (USA)

Valeria Stoykova – producer – MatchPoint Production (Bulgaria)

Stefani Raicheva – director (Bulgaria)


The third winner of the CINEMA AWARD 355 (Three-Five-Five) will receive a special bronze statuette and BGN 10,000 in the form of funds and services for the production of his next film by the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation and its partners NOVA Film, UFO Film and Television Studio and ARS Digital Studio. The first winner of the competition is Yordan Mihajlovski, and last year Vanya Boycheva deserved the recognition.


More details about the jury, the award and the conditions of the competition can be found here –

Applications for the CINEMA PRIZE 355 are accepted until February 28, 2021, on the website of the Foundation

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