Peter Dinkledge from Game of Thrones is Coming to Bulgaria for a New Film

Peter Dinkledge from Game of Thrones is Coming to Bulgaria for a New Film

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Kevin Bacon, Peter Dinklage, Elijah Wood and Julia Davis are part of the new film The Toxic Avenger, which will be shot in Bulgaria. Director Macon Blair’s production is a remake of the 1984 black comedy of the same name.

The work on The Toxic Avenger in our country has already started, foreign publications report and by the end of this month Dinklage and Bacon should arrive in Bulgaria.

The film presents superheroes in the style of Deadpool. The plot revolves around a neglected cleaner, a handy boy that falls into a pile of toxic waste and mutates from an outsider to a superhuman. He embarks on an important mission to save his son, friends and a society engulfed in deep-rooted corruption and envy.

Kevin Bacon will play the role of the corrupt mayor, the antagonist in the story. There is no official confirmation, but it is believed that Dinklage will take on the role of the mutant. Wood’s role is not revealed.

In 1984 the low-budget Toxic Avenger unexpectedly became a cult hit and paved the way for three more films, a stage musical, an animated series and a Marvel comic. The remake of the title has been talked about for ten years, at the beginning of the project Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in the production, but later refused to participate in the film. In 2018 from the big studio Legendary announced that they have bought the rights to the remake. It is produced by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Hertz, they also worked on the original 1984 film.


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