Pavel Juraček and the Czechoslovak New Wave Part of SIFF

Pavel Juraček and the Czechoslovak New Wave Part of SIFF

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Throughout its 25-year history, the Sofia International Film Festival has focused on various schools and trends in world cinema, thus enriching the film knowledge of its loyal audience. The new wave in Czechoslovak cinema is one of the most important topics that Sofia Film Fest is associated with.

At the 25th edition, in partnership with the Czech Center, there is going to be a  focus on the work of one of the most important representatives of the “Czech Miracle” – director and screenwriter Pavel Juracek, who is also a playwright, poet, writer, publicist.

Pavel Juracek was born in 1935 in Příbram, Czechoslovakia. He studied journalism and Czech at the Faculty of Philology at Charles University, where he was expelled due to “poor reputation, poor performance and failure to fulfill his student duties.” In 1957, he was accepted to study drama at FAMU and began writing ideas for film scripts. He quickly gained the fame of a notable talent among teachers and colleagues. It is no coincidence that the ideas, themes and concepts for some of the films of his colleagues from the new wave come from him. He did not officially graduate from the famous film school but joined the Barandov Film Studio, where he was a playwright from 1962 to 1970. His films are Every Young Man (1965) and a case for a Rookie Hangman (1970). In 1969 and 1970. Unlike his colleagues – he refused to accept Soviet pressure and was eventually forced to leave for Germany. Neither there nor in his homeland after his return in the mid-1980s, he managed to make films again. He died of cancer in 1989, months before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The program of Sofia Film Fest will show a selection of seven films created by and in co-authorship with Juracek – one of them is Black and White Sylva (1961). Its director is Jan Schmid, and the story, written by Juracek, it tells the story of the bricklayer Sylva, who literally leaves the screen during a screening of the new Czech film Love Between the Panels, and the audience is shocked. The heroine Sylva decides that she can handle the situation by meeting her creators – the authors of the film.

The special focus on the work of Pavel Juracek also includes the film by director Jindrich Polák Icarus XB. The legendary Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, one of the most widely read science fiction authors in the world, is also involved in writing the script for this story. The film was released in 1963, and the action takes place two hundred years into the future, aboard a spaceship headed for the Alpha Centauri system. At an unexpected moment during the voyage, another, mysterious ship appears on the control screen in the command hall…

The work of Pavel Juraček will be presented by a specialist from the National Film Archive of the Czech Republic.

The screenings start on March 1 at the Czech Center Sofia, a partner of Sofia Film Fest.

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