Open Invitation of ATOM Theater for “Evening of Miniatures” 2021

Open Invitation of ATOM Theater for “Evening of Miniatures” 2021

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ATOM Theater has announced an open invitation for artists to participate in the “Evening of Miniatures” – an initiative dedicated to the short forms in contemporary dance. The first edition of the project takes place in 2021 with the support of Sofia Municipality and includes 18 Bulgarian dance performances.

The initiative aims to present dance performances, installations, films and other short forms. The miniatures will be realized in 6 events with 3 dance forms per night, each of which will end with a conversation between the audience and the artists.

The events will take place on the following dates: April 18, May 29, June 26, October 2, November 6 and November 27 in the chamber hall “Academic” – National Student House.

The project is open for dance miniatures lasting between 7 and 20 minutes. The selected participants in the project will receive a fee for their participation, assistance in promoting the project on social networks, as well as the opportunity to present their work to the public.

“Evening of Miniatures” encourages artists from the field of contemporary dance in Bulgaria to present their work, creates a field for performance and cooperation. The participants have the full support of the ATOM Theater team.

The project is implemented with the support of Sofia Municipality.

The producer is TUHART Association.

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