New Bulgarian TV Series The Portal Opens on May 2 on BNT (Trailer)

New Bulgarian TV Series The Portal Opens on May 2 on BNT (Trailer)

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The premiere of the latest Bulgarian TV series The Portal, directed by Ilian Dzhevelekov, will be on May 2 on BNT 1. The adventure drama is among the highlights of the festive program for Easter on public media.

At a time when travel is difficult, the plot will offer an unexpected adventure to viewers of all generations, complemented by a lot of music from the 70s.

An impressive cast of talented actors, a criminal nuance and a look at the past awaits us on Sunday’s BG movie night from 21:00 on BNT 1.

In six episodes we will follow the adventures of the two time travelers. What challenges they face, how they overcome them and how their lives change when the course of events from the past changes direction. Unfulfilled loves, impossible relationships and many twists and conflicts will be seen in this intricate and extremely intriguing story.

In the first episode we will see the criminal psychologist Krum Bonev (played by Velislav Pavlov), whose life has long entered the rut of time. Everything turns upside down when an uninvited guest from the past appears at his door – his long-lost uncle Assoc. Prof. Dimo ​​Troyanov, nicknamed Jinigibi, who still looks young and unchanged. It turns out that there is a portal in time! Krum fell 40 years ago in socialist Bulgaria in 1979.

The place he finds himself in and the life he returns to are extremely surprising and cost him a serious effort to survive in a foreign environment. He soon realizes that he is at the right time when he could change the tragic fate of his family. But how?

“Dreaming of childhood and “traveling” to it are things that I do subconsciously or not,” says Velislav Pavlov, who plays the role of the criminal psychologist in The Portal.

“Thinking about situations from the past in which I am a child and the question“ What would I do differently? ”Are part of the arrangement of the big picture for each of us. In this series, I play a character who has the opportunity to go back in the time of his childhood, but already as an adult, with the task of redressing the cruel injustice that befell his father. “

The inexplicable possibility of quantum transition in another time was discovered by Assoc. Prof. Dimo ​​Troyanov – Djingibi (played by Alexander Kanev) – a little carried away and eccentric university professor of physics.

At the same time as Krum Bonev returns to the 1970s, the young scientist is facing 2019, the development of technology, a changed society and what socialist Bulgaria, which he knows, has become. Supposedly at home, but in fact, he found himself in an unknown country, whose future 40 years ago no one had dreamed of.


“Ironically, one of my grandfathers was a physicist, he even had advanced developments for the night vision devices, but they took them away from him,” said Alexander Kanev, the actor in the other main role in The Portal. “Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to communicate much with my grandfather. That is why I contacted my friend Georgi Gavrilov, who is a nuclear physicist, to introduce me to the world of this science.

For me, the most important thing was to get out of the cliché of the scientist and try to see the world through the eyes of the time traveler – a man who has experienced a lot but has not lost his ability to marvel and love. After the filming of the series, my hearing became sharper about the use of the word “portal” in everyday life. This is a place of passage, of exchange. The portal is the limit, and it’s always interesting there.”

As the plot unfolds, viewers will travel between the past and the present. They will return to the circles of the then highlife and the glamorous life of the Bulgarian music scene. Then they will find themselves again in 2019, where Assoc. Prof. Troyanov, forced to hide his identity, meets a remarkable woman from his past.

The realization of The Portal is entrusted to the proven team of Miramar Film, creators of the memorable films LOVE.NET and Omnipresent, and the cast includes some of the most successful Bulgarian actors and talented new faces. The film also features the last role of the beloved actress Tatiana Lolova, written especially for her.

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