Musical Visions — Exhibition of Graphics and Paintings by Tsanko Panov (1950-2003)

Musical Visions — Exhibition of Graphics and Paintings by Tsanko Panov (1950-2003)

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Sofia Press Bookstore Gallery


“Musical Visions”

Exhibition of graphics and paintings by Tsanko Panov (1950-2003)

July 1-30, 2021

Sofia Press Bookstore Gallery, 29 Slavyanska Street

Tsanko Panov (1950-2003) is one of the few Bulgarian artists who systematically and thoroughly experiment in the field of graphics and painting, using music to provoke perceptual experiences.

Its archive is respectful for its quality and quantity. Its content proves the tireless and extensive research on the relationship between sound and color, covers his research on the relationship “musical tone – color tone”, “musical composition – visual composition” on scores from Eastern Orthodox music through jazz compositions to his favorite Vivaldi, Beethoven, Stravinsky. And not only…

But the chamber exposition of his works in the Sofia Press Gallery-Bookstore cannot cover the huge scale of his search. Instead, it marks important topics, formally divided into graphic, pictorial and documentary parts.

Elegance, finesse and melancholy are characteristic of graphic and pictorial interpretations of musical works such as “The Four Seasons”, “Geometry of Sound”, “Exercise in Music” or simply “Music”.

The compositions (collages and paintings) further develop and condense his visualizations and elegantly reflect his pursuit of purity and meaning.

Of particular interest is the hitherto unseen picturesque composition, probably made around his creative business trip to Paris (1994). It will be interesting for the audience to see some of the preparatory sketches and drawings in which the author marks “flying” ideas, fixes colors or writes important quotes.

The exhibition “Musical Visions” is a friendly tribute to the memory of Tsanko Panov and was realized with the love and cooperation of his relatives and family.

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