Maria Bakalova Received an Honorary Askeer Award for Being an Ambassador of Bulgarian Acting

Maria Bakalova Received an Honorary Askeer Award for Being an Ambassador of Bulgarian Acting

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Maria Bakalova received an honorary Askeer for Ambassador of Bulgarian Acting and International Rising Star. The decision belongs to the board of the A`Askeer Foundation.

The awards for achievements in theatrical art will be presented by the A`Askeer Foundation at the Bulgarian Army Theater for the 30th time on May 23, 2021, on the eve of the celebration of Bulgarian literature, spirituality and culture.

Honorary Askeer has been awarded since 2007 – for creative honor and contribution to the development of theatrical art. It is not awarded every year but in special cases.

We appreciate the achievement and global success of the young actress Maria Bakalova – Award for Best Supporting Role of the National Council of Film Critics in the United States, the British Award for Supporting Role in “The Choice of Critics” and her nominations in the leading categories globe “and the Oscars, say A`Askeer.

“Dear Maria, please accept this honorable Askeer for the fact that you have achieved something unattainable so far for any Bulgarian actor before you. You were and will be appreciated by world-class personalities related to our profession and already you received the highest appreciation for your work and talent. ” This is stated in the letter that Bakalova has already received, together with the statuette.

“You probably already know that there will be some negative comments heading your way, but you listen to the silence! There are the answers! There are millions of human beings there who silently like you and approve of what you do.

There are the people in whose dream you live! Don’t disappoint them! Be brave, inspired and inspiring! Good luck and good luck, dear Maria! “, The letter reads.

“The honorary Askeer for Maria Bakalova is a recognition from her homeland for the talent of a successful actress from Eastern Europe, who began her development in the Bulgarian theater school, where there are disputes between different tastes, but everyone has always enjoyed the success of talented Bulgarians.”, said Kiril Valchev, General Director of BTA.

Maria Bakalova is the fifth actress from Eastern Europe to be nominated after a 55-year hiatus – for an Oscar for leading or supporting female role in the nearly 100-year history of the prestigious Hollywood awards.

She was preceded by Warsaw-born Estonian Militsa Corius for The Great Waltz in 1937 and Katina Paxinu of Greece, who won an Oscar for her supporting role in Whom the Bell Tolls in 1943. The two were nominated for leading female roles. are Melina Mercury from Greece for Never on Sunday (1961) and Ida Kaminska from Poland for Shop on the Main Street (1966).


Maria Bakalova is the first Bulgarian actress to be nominated for an Oscar.

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