Lucid Eyes — Exhibition by Veselina Nikolaeva

Lucid Eyes — Exhibition by Veselina Nikolaeva

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Lucid Eyes

Exhibition by Veselina Nikolaeva

May 13 – June 10, 2021

Curator: Robert Philip-Broadley


Gallery Synthesis presents the exhibition Lucid Eyes by Veselina Nikolaeva, one of the leading contemporary Bulgarian photographers working with narrative photography.

When was the last time you felt close to someone? How do you know someone has trusted you? Can you tell by your eyes when you are admitted to someone’s inner world?

Veselina Nikolaeva’s new exhibition creates the feeling of immediate, human closeness. Human-sized portraits look more alive than many people we meet in our daily lives – especially now that social masks are being added to medical ones.

On the territory of the exhibition, the warmth and openness are not hidden under layers of social rules. The basic rule is simple – trust for trust. The people in the photos allow the viewer into their inner world, but also seem to look into his.

They watch calmly and openly, with clear eyes. They inadvertently invite us to do the same.

With them and with others around you. This look reminds us physically of what it means to love.

The exhibition includes 21 portraits and 2 landscapes, shots from the dreamed outside world. It can be seen from 13.05.2021 to 10.06.2021 in Synthesis Gallery, 55 Vasil Levski Blvd.

And an interesting detail – if you get close to many of the portraits you will see how the photographer sees himself in them… as an entrance through the gaze to another world.

Veselina Nikolaeva (born 1976 in Sofia) is a photographer and lecturer, receiving her professional education in the Netherlands and working as a freelancer since 2001. Her work has been shown in numerous international exhibitions and festivals. The main focus in her long-term projects are the things that disappear forever. She captures vanishing cultures and the collective nostalgia of societies, their sense of loss and alienation, and the mechanisms for dealing with globalization.

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The exhibition is supported by Photosynthesis and GLAS Foundation.

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