Kaleidoscope — Exhibition of Paintings by Nikolai Buzov

Kaleidoscope — Exhibition of Paintings by Nikolai Buzov

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Gallery “Serdika” presents


Exhibition of paintings by Nikolai Buzov

Period: June 16 – July 17, 2021


A kaleidoscope is the “enchanting device” that makes us dream. A real charm of small, colored glasses that turn into bizarre shapes and braids, and then fall apart and arrange into new and new, and so on indefinitely. A box full of colorful lights that takes us back to childhood. How did an ordinary cylinder entertain us for hours?

The answer to this question is given by the artist Nikolay Buzov with his latest exhibition of paintings “Kaleidoscope” in the gallery “Serdika”, which will be presented from June 16 to July 17, 2021 in the art space of Women’s Market. One of the series of the same name greets and draws the viewer to the elusive space of colorful lights and shadows, mysteriously attractive and unusual, mastered and brought by the author to a certain ratio and a kind of rhythm. Nikolay Buzov freely handles the techniques of photography, organizes the space, manipulates it, changes the scale and adds a large dose of invention. In his paintings, light is part of the formation of a holistic sensory image, through which the artist compares different color volumes, which he connects, arranges and combines, in an attempt to discover new directions and realities. The reflection is a reflection and part of a “chaotic space”, which he gradually organizes and further saturates with color.

Nikolay Buzov’s visual language is recognizable and follows his strict logic of arrangement and balance of composition. He boldly contrasts volumes and picturesque structures, plays with reflection, with the near and far proportions of individual parts, with the two-dimensional space and the illusion of three-dimensionality of the object. His way of expression encompasses a diverse range of geometric figures and signs in bold colors, compositionally “placed” in an imaginary space. The author is constantly improving his visual vocabulary of lines, rectangles, polygons, horizontally and vertically embedded shapes, creating an illusory idea of ​​another all-encompassing reality, “says art critic Diana Draganova-Stir about the author.

In Nikolai Buzov’s exhibition, as a symbolic spiral, each work has a place precisely chosen and thought out by the author, in which he has collected his latest works “Kaleidoscope”, “Personal / personal / signs”, “Asymmetric triptych”, “Blades “,” White “,” Egocentric “(acrylic on canvas, mixed media on canvas) grouped in several series, conceptually considered and influentially arranged in space objects.

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