Jamie Bell will be a Time Travelling Killer in the The Shining Girls for Apple TV +

Jamie Bell will be a Time Travelling Killer in the The Shining Girls for Apple TV +

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We had almost forgotten that Apple TV + was preparing a series based on the best-selling novel by South African author Lauren Bucks The Shining Girls. After we announced that the super-sought-after and already quite popular Elizabeth Moss joined the cast of the project, quite understandably in the context of the pandemic that surrounds us, about a year nothing was heard about the development of this idea. And some time ago new information appeared about the decision to turn Jamie Bell into a serial killer who found a way to travel in time.

The screenwriter and one of the executive producers of the series is Silka Louisa, the production team also includes Moss, Lindsay McManus, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio, the author of the novel Bux and Alan Page Ariaga. Here is how the official synopsis of the story sounds:

Harper Curtis is a killer who appears from the past. Kirby Mazrachi is the girl who did not want to have a future. Kirby is a real “shining” girl, one of the smart young women, overflowing with potential, whose lives were ruined by Harper after he came across a special House in Chicago (from the time of the Depression), which has the ability to “open” to other times. It is this House that takes Harper to “shining” girls in different eras of history – he is just waiting for the right moment to strike his blow. He turns out to be the perfect hunter – after each murder he disappears without a trace, being transferred directly to another time, until one of his victims survives‚Ķ Determined to catch the villain, Kirby attracts Chicago Sun-Times reporter Dan Velazquez, with whom trying to find the truth, but it turns out to be absolutely impossible‚Ķ

In addition to Jamie Bell as the time-killer and Moss as Kirby, the cast also includes Wagner Moura as the reporter. Bell will have to create an extremely repulsive and especially cruel character, filled with sincere hatred for women – according to the description of the author of the novel. The beginning of the work on the series is expected to start in the coming summer, the shooting will take place in Chicago. Apple TV + continues with the gradual increase of its own production – intriguing and curious projects. We will be waiting for more news!

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