Surprising Interest in Vintage TV Sets

Surprising Interest in Vintage TV Sets

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Modern TVs are big, thin and full of technology. They are great, but lately they have serious competition from … the old CRT TVs. The bulky, modest in terms of technical capabilities, devices are particularly interesting to the most active and modern gamers.

In addition, gamers are not only actively looking for such TVs, but also put them in the center of their rooms and use them a lot. The reason – growing interest in retro gaming.

CRT TVs look like an old obsolescence that has no place in today’s homes. However, this is not the case for gamers.

Modern large TVs have very high resolution and high frequency picture refresh. This is great for current technology and games, but not particularly suitable for older consoles and titles.

According to the most avid gamers, no matter how much technology there is to convert the picture, nothing can beat the experience of playing an old game on a suitable TV. Thus, CRT TVs are at the center of the “retro corner” in the rooms and halls of gamers.

The two technologies are designed for each other and work best together. And old games look much better on old TV sets. It is on such a TV that their colors are the brightest and densest. The lower resolution, fewer pixels and display size also allow games to look significantly more beautiful than on a modern 4K TV.

Moviegoers are also intrigued by watching a favorite old movie on a proper TV. For both them and the gamers, this is largely provoked by nostalgia, not only by the desire to achieve an authentic experience. And for the youngest it is interesting to see how it was some time ago.

Interest in CRT TVs should not worry manufacturers. All CRT owners use them as quirky addition, and their modern 4K TVs remain their main devices.

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