I was there — Exhibition by Veselin Nachev

I was there — Exhibition by Veselin Nachev

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Stubel Gallery presents

“I was there”

Exhibition by Veselin Nachev

June 15 – July 3, 2021


“I was there” summarizes the themes in the exhibition, including specific personal impressions, experiences and memories. For me, achieving emotional depth is unlikely outside of my own familiar world. Current general problems have always posed a danger to me of reaching a cliché. That is why I choose the reality that surrounds me – the more banal, the more susceptible to entering below the surface of what is seen. Parking, turn, the girls by the shore, last winter through the window or the boy in the water. In their static simplicity, I find this pursuit of happiness that makes us possible. The paintings are an attempt to slow down time and create an alternative to reality in which I can return again and again. Places I’ve been and still want to be.

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