Horizon of Events —  Group Exhibition of Photography

Horizon of Events — Group Exhibition of Photography

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ONE Gallery


“Event Horizon”

Collective exhibition – photography

The exhibition is part of the European Month of Photography 2021

(06/24 – 07/07/2021)


Participants: Ivan Kyuranov, Genadi Gatev, Lilyana Karadjova, Nadezhda Pavlova, Joana Angelova, Simona Halacheva, Kaloyan Bogdanov, Yuliana Hicheva, Boryana Pandova and Rosen Toshev


ONE Gallery, Sofia, 14 Ivan Vazov Str. (Entrance from 6th of September Str.)


“Event Horizon” is a project that establishes the space of ONE Gallery as a free area in which young and already established authors reflect their directions from recent events. The exhibition is an idea of ​​Rosen Toshev, who inspires and involves the authors in a laboratory search for creative emancipation and infinity.

In essence, the exhibition is not a project showing certain curatorial views and thematic guidelines. The detachment from certain semantic frameworks and artistic techniques is one of the ways to show the personal views and emotions of the individual authors in their unadulteratedness and authenticity.

In this sense, “Event Horizon” is a place where we can meet the creative emotions and artistic interpretations of young and established artists, related to both photography itself and the National Academy of Arts, but all of them with a unique artistic angle. on the lens.

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