Henry Cavill will be the New Scottish Fighter in Chad Stachelski’s Film

Henry Cavill will be the New Scottish Fighter in Chad Stachelski’s Film

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The film industry has long targeted another iconic 80’s title in its desire to “revive” cult images. After a variety of directorial castings and even without mentioning a possible lead actor, we’ve tried over the years to share updates on the blasphemous idea of ​​a reboot / remake of “Highlander” and secretly rejoiced that there is no development of the project. A few hours ago, however, we came across news that changed this status quo.

Deadline says Henry Cavill is currently in talks for “one of the lead roles” in a new version of “Scottish Fighter” directed by Chad Stachelski, the “craftsman” behind the John Wick movies. The producers of this ambitious project are Neil H. Moritz (“Fast and Furious”), Josh Davis and David Leach (“Deadpool 2”, “Hobbes and Shaw”). Here is what Cavill himself shares:

Lots of exciting news! I’ve been a Scottish Fighter fan since I was a child. Ever since the movies of the ’80s, through the TV series sweetened by Queen’s fame and with an actor who looks strikingly like one of my brothers. Since I am good at swords, and the project is led by a talented director like Chad Stachelski, this will be a unique opportunity for me. Immersing yourself in the stories of the series, using everything we have at your disposal, will be a real adventure – which I (and, I hope, all of you) will never forget!

I’ve been seriously researching my Scottish background lately, and I’m actually working on preparing for this role. #Highlander

We are tempted to replicate in a not very polite way the handsome man, whom (don’t get us wrong!) We like very much: “We’ve already seen you growl like Herald of Rivia, don’t you dare apply the same approach to the Scottish fighter!” he doesn’t care – they call him Superman with a serious fee, he will spin the sword again in the next seasons of “The Wizard” with a serious fee – he is napping that (objectively) he is not a good actor!

Going back to the “princes of the universe”, we remember with sorrow that the most iconic of them – the great Sean Connery – left this world less than a year ago… And if we assume that Cavill may appear as Connor McLeod (if it’s a remake) or like some other immortal Scotsman (if it’s a reboot), it would probably make sense, given his age, to include Christoph Lambert as a symbolic legacy… For now, we’re just fantasizing!

For those who have not met the original film and / or several sequels, we remind you: this story follows the chosen ones scattered around the world, who manage to connect with nature through special power and live practically forever, unless they are beheaded. The Immortals fight each other to steal the power of the loser and eventually remain the only one, as we know from the franchise’s tagline: “There can be only one.”

In anticipation of developments on the subject, here is a nostalgic wink at the past.

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