France introduces a “culture card” for 18-year-olds

France introduces a “culture card” for 18-year-olds

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President Emmanuel Macron has announced the introduction of a “culture card” worth 300 euros for all 18-year-olds in France.

The amount can be used for two years for cinema, concerts, theater, museums, books, CDs, instruments at the request of young people. With the card it is possible to attend art courses, buy equipment or pay for digital services – online music, e-books. There are restrictions only for some foreign providers, such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus.

To receive the card you need to register in a special application for mobile phones.

In 2022, to this amount will be added partial payments for a total of 200 euros for students in junior high school and high school, to be used over a five-year period. Thus, the total amount becomes 500 euros.

The initiative aims to strengthen the art education policy developed since 2017 and to support the revitalization of the cultural sector. The culture card was Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise. It can benefit 800,000 young people.

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