FIG. The Festival of Illustration and Graphics of Sofia

FIG. The Festival of Illustration and Graphics of Sofia

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FIG. was born as a natural continuation of the series of pop-up art bazaars of KO-OP, dedicated to the community of artists and their followers. This summer, between June 23 and July 12, the format grows into a two-week series of diverse events.

As part of the first edition of the festival we will enjoy a collective exhibition-bazaar for illustration and prints in KO-OP, a solo exhibition of Elena Nazarova in INTRO gallery, as well as a number of workshops, talks, lectures and meetings aimed at graphic art lovers. . The proper start of the festival program will be given by the indie-punk-rock-alternative band KAKE ?, which we will listen to live in KO-OP on June 23 from 18:00.



Pop-up for illustration and prints: UNPRECEDENTED GOODS


23.06 – 27.06 | KO-OP


Opening: 23.06, 17:00 – 21:00


Pop-up for illustration and prints UNPRECEDENTED GOODS is the natural continuation of the series of pop-up bazaars for illustration, organized by KO-OP. During the event we will see how the selected artists illustrate their personal view of / through the window, seen as a portal to what is outside and what is inside us. The works will be available for purchase and will be presented in specially designated spaces in the gallery, curated by the artists themselves, in order to best illustrate their world.


The exhibition features: Alina Papazova, Billy Mateeva, Boris Pramatarov, Victoria Staykova, Georgi Vassilev, Denko Golemanov, Zhana Mitkova, Mich Brezunek and Teodor Genov.


CAMP LIFE – Solo exhibition of Elena Nazarova


29.06 – 12.07 | INTRO Gallery


Opening: 29.06, 17:00 – 21:00


“Camp Life” is a solo exhibition of Elena Nazarova (Elenka), in which she introduces us to the difficult conditions in the largest refugee camp in Europe – Moria. Through a number of illustrations and installations, Elenka transports us to this distant world, taking us out of comfort to provoke empathy and solidarity with the people imprisoned there.


Workshop with TI-RE – MONOMIT


03.07 | WHITE


In their workshop “Monomit”, the founders of the platform for independent publications “TI-RE” will show us the various possibilities of illustration in creating a visual narrative. They will refer to the theory of the general structure of most stories, which inspired the very name of the workshop.


Workshop with Blood Becomes Water – CREATION OF ZINES


08.07 | WHITE


Rossi Eisor (Blood Becomes Water) will show us the peculiarities of creating samizdat zines and books. At the end of the workshop, each participant will leave with useful skills and a hand-made edition created during the event.


Workshop with Miroslav Zhivkov – Dzhingibi – RISOGRAPHY AND SCREEN PRINTING


10.07 | NoPoint Atelier


Miroslav Zhivkov – Dzhingibi (NoPointAtelier) will introduce us to the process of printing with a risograph and serigraphy. Through these techniques, participants will create a series of images that will become part of a common unique book body at the end of the workshop.


As part of the accompanying program of the festival, in KO-OP and INTRO gallery, a series of talks, meetings, trainings and other activities related to the visual arts and the opportunities they open up will be held.


Accompanying program:


24.06, 19:00 | KO-OP – Presentation of the I-PORTUNUS MOBILITY PROGRAM with Desislava Pancheva (Creative Europe Office)


25.06, 19: 00 | CO-OP – SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION AND ILLUSTRATION BEYOND SCIENCE – Interview with Lyuben Domozetski, moderator Stefka Tsaneva


26.06, 13:00 | CO-OP – LEGAL CLINIC FOR ILLUSTRATORS: STORIES FROM THE COPYRIGHT MILITARY ROOM – Conversation with Ana Lozarova and Dimi Dimitrov from Digital Republic


26.06, 18:00 | CO-OP – ILLUSTRATION IN DESIGN PROJECTS with Studio PUNKT, Mihaela Angelova, Elitsa Dimitrova and Georgi Vassilev


27.06, 19:00 | CO-OP – DRAW OUT CHALLENGE – Quick meetings for illustrators


03.07. 19:00 | INTRO Gallery – EUROPEAN NIGHT OF MUSEUMS – Meeting with the author Elena Nazarova


Pre-registration will be required for some of the events, so follow the FIG website. for news and details about the program.


Additional information about the program can be found here.


Follow FIG .:


Instagram: fig.sofia


The event is organized by KO-OP with the support of the Ministry of Culture

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