Festival of Diversity on 3-4 and 17-18 July in Sofia

Festival of Diversity on 3-4 and 17-18 July in Sofia

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MUSEIKO Foundation invites children, youth and families to the Festival of Diversity, which will be held from 11:00 to 15:00 on July 3 and 4, 2021 in the park space at the House of Culture “Krasno Selo” and on 17 and 18 July at the Serdika Gallery on the Women’s Market in Sofia.

Children, young people and adults will be able to test their abilities, learn something new, learn artistic skills and have fun!

Admission is free and everyone is welcome. The program brings together organizations with different activities and causes and provides “something for everyone”:

· Stroezhko area with constructors for children and adults;

· Creative workshops with different techniques – modeling, drawing, photography, collage, incl. computer art, in which participants will touch professional software;

· Tactile walks to feel the city in a different way;

· Acquaintance with sign language;

· Research tour of the Women’s Market, in which we will feel its spirit, history, cultural uniqueness and culinary exoticism;

· Children’s game for civil rights;

· Theatrical performance “Turn off the light bulb, plant a tree”;

· And many other surprises.

The event is part of the international initiative “AAA – Engaged Artists in Action” (Accessible Art for All), which uses the means of art to draw attention to important social issues. In recent months, artists in various fields have offered their projects for artistic interventions in 3 bathrooms in Sofia in order to encourage reflection and sensitivity to the problems of people with different intellectual, sensory and physical abilities. They were reviewed by a seven-member jury of artists and activists for equality of people with disabilities. The work on the 3 winning projects is in progress, and in parallel with it the winning artists – Lyceum for Arts and Foreign Languages ​​ARTIS, Polina Gerasimova and the team of arch. Maria Badeva and arch. Gergana Popova – will take an active part in the Festival of Diversity.

The co-organizers of the event are CCI Krasno Selo and Pazari Vazrazhdane EAD.

The AAA Creative Competition and the Festival of Diversity are implemented with the financial support of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union and the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality.

The full program of the Festival of Diversity can be found at https://www.muzeiko.bg/bg/news/detail-festival_na_mnogoobrazieto_na_3_4_i_17_18_yuli_v_sofiya_sabira_tvorci_ot_razlichni_oblasti-3755.html

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