Exhibition of Stage Posters “Theater – this is me” in the Foyers of Azaryan Theater (Gallery)

Exhibition of Stage Posters “Theater – this is me” in the Foyers of Azaryan Theater (Gallery)

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April 26 to May 31

“Theater – this is me” is a long-term project of the International Triennial of Stage Poster – Sofia, which has been developing and enriching for 21 years.

The collection contains nearly 80 posters and collages.

The composition of the authors is colorful and multifaceted and in addition to famous poster artists from 23 countries, includes various other artists: theatergoers, musicians, writers, artists, etc., including: Henri Kulev, Bozhidar Ikonomov, Bozhidar Yonov, Borislav Stoev, Georgi Lozanov, Ivan Kulekov, Lyuben Zidarov, Simeon Shterev, Solomon Passy, ​​Stefan Despodov, Todor Vardzhiev, Todor Kolev and others.

Conceived on the occasion of the World Theater Day – March 27, when stickers with some of the images appeared in front of various theaters in Sofia, the exhibition can now be seen in the National Palace of Culture, in the foyers of the Azaryan Theater.

The motto is a play on words with the famous phrase of Louis XIV “The state – this is me” and the famous monologue of Melancholic Jacques from Shakespeare’s play “As you like”: The whole world is a stage and we are all actors on it – we enter, we go out and for our time each of us plays different roles ….

Each show has authors, actors and spectators.

What are we – creators, participants, performers or observers?

What is our daily game; what is the stage on which the action takes place and what is the theater in which our lives take place?

The questions provoked by the topic are many, and the answers – even more and different.

The initiative started in 2000 with an installation-performance on the stage of Hall №1 of the National Palace of Culture, where all previous members of the selection jury presented their visual and stage comments on the topic. The results and the catalog that was published inspired Bozhidar Ikonomov to create the collages presented in this exhibition. In 2009, an international poster campaign was organized, in which 29 authors from 23 countries took part after a personal invitation. The posters were included in several exhibitions and in the Sixth Triennial of Stage Poster in 2010, in which “Theater is me” was a special section. So the series continued to grow.

The event is part of the one-year program “IMAGE AND SIMILARITY”, supported by the National Fund “Culture” and the campaign “POST POSTER”, implemented with the assistance of the Program “Culture” of Sofia Municipality.

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