Exhibition of Andrey Daniel Between Two Eras at the Sofia City Art Gallery

Exhibition of Andrey Daniel Between Two Eras at the Sofia City Art Gallery

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Sofia City Art Gallery

Andrey Daniel. Between Two Eras

April 13 – June 13, 2021

Vernissage: April 13 (Tuesday), 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm


In 2019, Andrey Daniel was invited to prepare a solo exhibition together with the team of the Sofia City Art Gallery. In the process of considering what and how to choose for the upcoming exhibition, the artist unexpectedly left us. The loss of Andrey Daniel, his rich thought and knowledge, his memory of the experience, the possibility of personal choice and the inability to create new accompanying texts necessitated a rethinking of the whole project, its expansion and the creation of an album, including biography and catalog part presenting his painting in chronological order. We kept the title chosen by the artist during his lifetime – Between two eras and the resulting idea for the development of the exhibition.

Between two Eras is the creative sense of belonging before and after, at the border, at the crossroads. Having made his choice, Andrey Daniel is incredibly consistent in his art and will remain an integral part of our time. An artist, public figure, colleague, teacher, he is one of the leading figures in art, pushing forward Bulgarian painting from the late 20th and early 21st century.

The current exhibition and the accompanying album are the results of research and collection of the artist’s works, scattered in public and private collections throughout the country and abroad. They became possible thanks to the assistance of Andrey Daniel’s family, the Union of Bulgarian Artists, the National Academy of Arts, the National Gallery, state, municipal and private galleries in Sofia and the country, his colleagues – artists and art critics, and photographers and private collectors.

From the more than 500 paintings searched and described in the edition, the visitors will be able to see over 160 of them located on the two floors of the gallery. Included are some of his earliest creative works, works from the 80s, which received various awards and those that have not been shown to the public for nearly 30 years, as well as works from iconic cycles and significant themes for the overall work. of Andrey Daniel, determining his place among the most prominent Bulgarian artists of the last four decades.

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