Exhibition Dante Plus 700 — Sofia Edition

Exhibition Dante Plus 700 — Sofia Edition

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2021 is an important year for Italy — the country marks 700 years since the death of the great Italian poet Dante Alighieri. On this occasion, the Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia organized the exhibition Dante Plus 700 — Sofia Edition.

The collective exhibition entitled Dante Plus 700 — Sofia Edition is borrowed from the Dante Plus 700 project in Ravenna, on the idea of ​​Marco Mikoli from BONOBOLABO studio, Italy. It brings together 32 different artists who breathe new life into the poet. The means of expression they use are illustration, comics and street art, geometric drawing and even 3D animation. The works bearing the ARIA logo are animated by the Milan studio Alkanoids and can be seen with augmented reality technology through the free smartphone app ARIA The AR Platform.

The exhibition, printed on large panels displayed on the fence of the Embassy and in front of the entrance of the Italian Cultural Institute, is located on the pedestrian part of Paris Street in Sofia and can be viewed freely from March 25 to June 25, 2021.

The opening of the exhibition, organized by the Institute in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Bulgaria and BONOBOLABO, marks the beginning of a series of events dedicated to the Patriarch of Italian Language and Literature Dante Alighieri.

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