Exhibition “A – or without apology”. NEXT Balkan: Albanian Contemporary Art

Exhibition “A – or without apology”. NEXT Balkan: Albanian Contemporary Art

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Curator: Adela Demetja

Authors: Bora Baboci, Diomen Borici, Eni Derhemi, Fatlum Doci, Aurora Kalemi, Ledia Kostandini, Olson Lamai, Ilir Luka, Mirjana Mecai, Greta Plana, Alketa Ramay

The exhibition can be seen in Vaska Emanouilova Gallery and DOZA Gallery

21.04. – June 1, 2021

Eleven authors take part in the exhibition, giving a face to the young art scene in Albania. Their presentation is part of the NEXT Balkan platform, which follows trends in contemporary art in the Balkans. Following the presentation of Serbian contemporary art in 2019, this event represents the curatorial perspective on the Albanian scene of Adela Demetja, founder and director of the Tirana Art Laboratory – Center for Contemporary Art.

Vaska Emanuilova Gallery is a partner of the NEXT Balkan platform and the current exhibition, which were initiated and organized by the DOMA Art Foundation.

What is happening on the stage of contemporary art in the Balkan countries today? Can we find intersections and general trends? How do we imagine the “future” of art and can we talk about a shared story after the legacy of the great Balkan exhibitions?

These are some of the questions that the NEXT Balkan platform is trying to ask and develop. The exhibition “A – or without apology” is a commentary on them. According to the curator’s idea, it is based on the legacy of the 1990s on the Albanian stage and the strong representation of socially and politically engaged art. The Vaska Emanuilova Gallery and the DOZA Gallery show the works of a diverse group of authors who graduated in Albania and abroad, who work with a wide range of media and means of expression.

The exhibition includes paintings, installations, videos, sound and light, and the curator sought to emphasize the freedom of artistic design.

In her own words, “A – or no apology” is an exhibition and motto concept inspired by an artistic and curatorial approach that attempts to avoid the feeling of identifying with what can be perceived as a constraint. A, as the first letter of the alphabet, symbolizes every beginning, and in this exhibition the starting point is the concept of not apologizing. No excuses: as an essential aspect that every artist or curator can possess and use to achieve their goals in order to be as honest as possible to their inner higher reality. Without apology for choosing not to represent or testify to cultural, political and economic issues or to document the post-communist state and reflect on trauma and collective experience, as is the case with many exhibitions and projects by artists from Southeast Europe in the West or in the region itself after the fall of the Berlin Wall. “

The exhibition is supported by the Visual Arts Program of the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria.

More information about the authors and the curator of the exhibition can be found at: www.veg.sghg.bg.

Follow the information about the exhibition at:

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/118712703579446

DOMA Art Foundation: https://www.facebook.com/DomaArtFoundation

Vaska Emanuilova Gallery: https://www.facebook.com/Vaska-Emanouilova-Gallery

DOZA Gallery: https://www.facebook.com/dozagallery/

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