Circles — Exhibition by Bara Prashilova

Circles — Exhibition by Bara Prashilova

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Photographer and visual artist Bara Prashilova will present her project Circles on June 9 at 6 pm at the Czech Center in Sofia. The exhibition will last until July 16, 2021. It is organized by the Czech Center together with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sofia and is included in the program of the Month of Photography.

Curators of the project are: Marie Tomanova & Thomas Beachdell

What is known about Bara Prashilova is that she is extremely precise. She devotes much of her time and energy to preparing the photos. She often makes the props and costumes herself, this is the only way for her to materialize her ideas. The worst that can happen to her is to face the limits of reality and then she is ready to go through walls. Perseverance and accuracy are the reasons why she and her work are known around the world.

“Women’s self-esteem, from birth, is shaped mainly by the external environment, by those closest to the family, by the way the state approaches the position of women in society. In recent years, this has changed significantly, thanks to social networks. which affect the way women are supposed to reflect themselves.

Personally, I am impressed by the development of feminism, how it changes in different periods, history, religion and liberalism in different countries, how a strong and homogeneous flow of opinions in the media is formed in different cultures.

For millennia, women have been raised on a pedestal for their abilities, and at the same time they have been forced to suppress that power, ignoring the same abilities that everyone admires. The emerging new wave of “sisterhood” is accompanied by an astonishing increase in women’s solidarity, a demonstration of strength and power. But the connecting link is the feeling of guilt and the suppression of the qualities for which women are raised on the said pedestal.

In my photographic cycle, translated into the language of symbols and metaphors, images of women alternate at different stages of childhood and adulthood, in full, incomplete or no partnership, in the position of daughter, sister or mother, in the role of victim or uncompromising heroine. , a woman who is underestimated or, on the contrary, figuratively or literally overexposed by society.

The purpose of my Circles cycle is not to educate or impose opinion. Rather, I would like to encourage us to be honest with ourselves, and that sincerity can cause laughter and irony. Are we able to observe ourselves, how the individual images resonate in us, what and why irritates us? Are we able to look deep inside ourselves and explore the origin of our emotions? Whether it is the images we internally identify with or the negative reactions to them that are the ones that lead us to inner, emotional and social balance. “

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