Bulgarian Nominations for the 2021 European Literature Award

Bulgarian Nominations for the 2021 European Literature Award

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We are very happy to share the list of Bulgarian authors nominated for the European Literature Prize and their works:

Georgi Bardarov, Absolvo te, publisher: Musagena

Stefan Kospartov, Pigeonery, publisher: Ciela Norma

Vladislav Katsarski, The Forsaken Land, publisher: Vessela Lyutskanova

Zornitsa Garkova, They Never Say, publisher: Fama

The European Prize for Literature started in 2009 and 135 authors have been awarded in a total of 12 editions since then. The initiative encourages some of the most talented contemporary fiction writers from all over Europe, and includes 41 countries that are part of the Creative Europe program. By regulation, one third of these countries take part in the literary competition each year.

Each year, one winner from each of the participating countries is awarded. Nominees for individual countries are selected by national juries consisting of literary experts.

In 2021, writers from the following 14 countries will be awarded: Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Tunisia.

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