Bulgarian Books Travel Around France to Thousands of New Readers

Bulgarian Books Travel Around France to Thousands of New Readers

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Libraries in 50 French cities filled their catalogs with books by contemporary Bulgarian authors as part of the latest initiative of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris “The Journey of Bulgarian Books”, implemented in April and May this year.

Bulgarian books in French traveled to thousands of new readers in Nice, Paris, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Dijon, Valence, Brest, Cannes, Perpignan, Macon, Nancy, Lille, Bordeaux, Rennes, Avignon, Poe. These and dozens of other literary centers became partners in the large-scale action of our Cultural Institute in the French capital on the initiative of its director Desislava Bineva. In some of the cities thematic days were organized, which presented the received books. Curious readers had the opportunity to get acquainted with specially prepared materials with more information about the authors, as well as a brief history of our contemporary literature from recent decades.

The Journey of Bulgarian Books selects writers and poets translated into French who work in various genres and are among the most recognizable new Bulgarian artists on the international literary scene.

Thus, Georgi Gospodinov, Viktor Paskov, Zahari Karabashliev, Kapka Kasabova, Ruzha Lazarova, Aksinia Mihailova, Zdravka Evtimova, Teodora Dimova, Yulia Krasteva, Tsvetan Todorov, Elitsa Georgieva, Velina Minkova and others have already reached more readers in France. Among the traveling books is the first anthology of Bulgarian symbolist poets, published in French this year translated by Krassimir Kavaldzhiev, which presents 14 poets, including Dimcho Debelyanov, Ivan Andreychin, Teodor Trayanov, Sirak Skitnik, Yavorov, Liliev, Smirnenski and etc.

The campaign “The Journey of Bulgarian Books” (2021) is dedicated to May 24 and the month of Bulgarian education and culture. After “Bulgarian Letters” by Sena (2019) and “Martenitsa from Bulgaria” (2020), it is the third major image campaign of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris, which follows the cause of the institution to promote contemporary Bulgarian culture in an accessible and modern way. in front of a wide international audience.

For additional information: Desislava Bineva, director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris.

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